Eligible TrenDAO members can make proposals on a diverse array of matters related to the Tren Finance protocol, including the following:

  • New Asset Listings (Isolated Modules) - Although anyone can create an isolated module for a new asset by bootstrapping the pool with trenUSD, the isolated module will not be secured by the Stability Pool. In order to be secured by the Stability Pool and receive a TrenUSD allocation from Tren Finance, the user must submit a proposal to the TrenDAO. Users can submit proposals for existing unsecured isolated modules, or for new isolated modules.

  • Isolate Module Parameter changes - TrenDAO members can submit proposals to change parameters of isolated modules. These parameters include:

    • TrenUSD Allocation

    • Max LTV

    • Liquidation Threshold

    • Borrowing Fees

    • Borrowing Interest

    • Performance Fees

To prevent malicious actors and for the safety of the protocol, the Tren Finance team will conduct technical and market risk analysis on proposals passed by the TrenDAO. For example, a malicious actor could try to create an isolated module in order to list an asset on Tren Finance with unlocked liquidity or with a malicious “mint” function in the smart contract. The malicious actor could then try to buy up governance power if they see that the TrenUSD they could earn from an exploit is worth more than the funds that were spent on buying governance power and module verification fees. To prevent such instances, the Tren Finance team will conduct risk analysis, including reviews of an asset’s smart contract. As the Tren Finance protocol develops, the protocol will look to steadily decentralize the risk review process.

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