Governance participants of Tren Finance are referred to as the TrenDAO. TrenDAO members have their governance power represented in the form of TrenPower tokens, a non-transferrable and non-tradeable token that can only be used for governance purposes. Two types of Tren ecosystem stakeholders are eligible to join the TrenDAO and partake in the governance of Tren Finance.

Holders of veTREN have their governance and voting power represented by the amount of veTREN that they hold. Users receive the same amount of TrenPower tokens upon receipt of veTREN. TrenPower tokens are also burnt when veTREN is burned upon conclusion of the veTREN lock up period. Detailed information on how veTREN lockups and multipliers work can be found in the TREN & veTREN page.

Tren Finance will also explore ways to incorporate TREN LP stakers into the governance process. Governance power for TREN LP stakers would be based on the value of liquidity provided.

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