Stability Rate Controller

The Stability Rate Controller Contract plays a crucial role in the management of fees, efficiently allocating them between veTREN holders and stability providers. This contract employs an algorithmic approach to determine the distribution of fees, guided by the overall health factor of all TrenBoxes in the protocol and the trenUSD balance within the Stability Pool.

  • Below Healthy Threshold: When the Stability Pool's balance falls below the designated healthy threshold, the protocol redirects fees towards the pool. This strategic fee allocation incentivizes stability providers to deposit more trenUSD, enhancing the pool's liquidity and overall health.

  • Above Healthy Threshold: Conversely, when the Stability Pool's balance exceeds the healthy threshold, the controller shifts the focus of fee distribution towards veTREN holders, rewarding them for their participation and support of the protocol.

This dynamic fee management system ensures that resources are directed where they are most needed, maintaining the protocol’s stability

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